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Put a plant on it!

Our goal at Stamen and Pistil Botanicals is to empower our customers to create the indoor oasis they envision. With the right knowledge, the right material, and a little determination, anyone can grow healthy, beautiful plants.

We offer a variety of tropical plants, decorative planters, bulk soils, workshops and so much more! As well as plants, we create stunning works of art. Our terrariums are celebrated for our unique craftsmanship. Each terrarium is one of a kind, a miniature artistry for you to take home and love.

In 2024, we are happy to now include gift items from local Toronto Artisans!  Totes & bags,

T-shirts & tanks, Cards, Candles, Jewelry and much more.

Stamen and Pistil Botanicals provides not only ever-evolving material and possibilities, we have the knowledge you need to create and sustain your oasis.

The Feathered Serpent

"Um... simply the best! Amazing service, healthy selection, overall superb!"


"Great service that you don't see somewhere else. They helped me try to save my stressed cactus. Very knowledgeable. Most definitely recommend the store, that has amazing plants and the girls will do above and beyond to help you!"


"So many beautiful and reasonably priced plants in this store! The best part is this isn't the type of plant store just about sales - when I went back after a while because my plants were drooping, the wonderful ladies at the store advised me on how to take care of them better and even took them in for two weeks and restored them to health (I wasn't watering them enough when the weather changed and the heating was on). Definitely my favourite plant store in the city!"


"I've only been here once, but I was thoroughly charmed by the mood, cleanliness and creativity in this store. The terrariums here are probably some of the best in Toronto and they're quite affordable too."


"Took part in the terrarium building workshop - lots of fun! Karen and Maria were very helpful, knowledgeable and friendly. Lovely store!"


"I love this store! One of my favourites in the city. They've got such a great collection of plants, and even stock some "rare" plants. I got my Piper Parmatum from here for only $20! Excellent customer service and prices considering they are a plant shop downtown. Would highly recommend paying this store a visit if you are looking for beautiful plants to bring into your home."


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